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What is SiteDataSystems?

SiteDataSystems is a comprehensive, web-based database-driven designed specifically to maintain, organize, and retrieve comprehensive site information, such as that required by oil and gas production tank batteries. This unique system of data storage, product bank, integrated retrieval applications and report generation allows for the storage of all essential information for each site, company, and contacts, specifically designed to address environmental site maintenance requirements.

Environmental Safety requires constant vigilance and fast, highly trained responses.

SiteDataSystems provides quick access to the critical data needed to maintain an environmentaly sound production site. Our system provides managers and operational personnel quick access to the critical data needed to maintain an environmentally sound production site. SiteDataSystems provides and maintains quick access via the web to accurate, up-to-date information for each client site SiteDataSystem is available 24/7 for immediate access to essential information such as a site’s SPCC Plan, Emergency Response Plan, or important contact information. SiteDataSystems also facilitates the day to day tasks associated with regulatory compliance, management of emergency response information, and provides invaluable operational assistance for detailed site management.

SiteDataSystems reduces training time for operational personnel.

SiteDataSystems provides instant access to inspection reports, as well as providing advance notice of ongoing requirements. Our system provides simple, easy to use menus that hide the complex data processing requirements that are usually associated with managing and maintaining site information. Operational personnel can concentrate on doing their job and are not required to become highly proficient in data processing methodology. However, SiteDataSystems also provides easy data access for those who are skilled in data processing techniques.

How to Subscribe to SiteDataSystems?

SiteDataSystems is offered as a subscription service. It can be purchased in conjunction with additional services, such as a holistic SPCC service plan, or as a standalone subscription. For more information and pricing, please contact our office at 918-660-0999.